Wearable Aims to Improve Management of Parkinson’s Disease

The Melbourne, Australia-based company has developed the Parkinson’s KinetiGraph (PKG) System for patients with Parkinson’s disease. The technology includes the PKG-Watch, a wrist-worn data logger that is used to monitor patient movement, and algorithms that use this data to produce a PKG report for physicians. Clinicians can use the PKG summary plots and reports, which analyze bradykinesia and dyskinesia, to improve management of the patient’s disease.

In an interview earlier this year, Global Kinetics CEO Tim Still emphasized the subjective nature of patient management for Parkinson’s disease. “Patients literally write in a diary how they’ve been doing,” he said. “They bring that in, the physician looks at them, they assess, they make a determination, and they tweak the therapy.  ”Global Kinetics’s PKG System aims to change that. “What our platform does is, it gives a very objective measurement of how that patient is doing on the therapy,” Still said.

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